World's highest and oldest Pyramid

RTANJ PYRAMID: Rtanj and Lepenski Vir

Rtanj and Lepenski Vir

 Rtanj pyramid and origins of modern civilization

 Long ago Arthur Clark has written that Rtanj is not a mountain, but a pyramid that hides under it. An oldest creation of the human civilization. Fact is that Rtanj is full of mystics, that strange things happening there. Rtanj,as the largest pyramid in the world with its 1565m above sea level, is located in eastern Serbia. As the only three-sided pyramid in the world, it has the complex task of absorbing cosmic and the other energies, and their amplification in space around it. It is one giant orgone generator which provides conditions for life.

NASA and Arthur C. Clarke did considerable research on this mountain, which NASA SUPRESSED.
He called Rtanj ‘navel of the world’ and stated that Rtanj is different from any other pyramid in the world. Rtanj pyramid is one of the Highest and oldest pyramidal mountains on the planet.Age of this Serbian Pyramid is estimated at over 500,000 years ( Having in mind that m(DNA) is dated so far around 500.000 to a single female ) and is considered to be an artificial creation. This is evident at first sight and it becomes clearer if we look at its features.The mountain is part of the Carpathian system and is a limestone massive shaped like a pyramid. Due to its unusual shape and existing magnetic and gravity deviations, the planes do not fly over this area, and Rtanj has the aura of mysticism. The angles of the pyramid at the peak of the mountain are two of 105°  and one of 150° , which corresponds to the angles of water molecules.The team of the Centre for research has discovered that Rtanj lies on three great underground rivers. The latest findings achieved through geographic and magnetic measurement depict that a pyramid resides under Rtanj!

The best evidence of proper geometry of Rtanj, which at its height of 1565m deviates only 2 m

The height of this pyramidal mountain is 1565 meters, which corresponds to the  Tesla non hertzian (scalar) waves. The slope is 27.5° and is a good hedge against collapse. The roofs of houses are mostly built just under this angle.
Jozef Randulic, associate of Harry Oldfield, who collaborated with Arthur Clarke, examined various magnetic and other energy measurements. Those experiments  confirmed that Rtanj energy pyramid is one of the most potented places on the planet, next to Kailash mountain in Tibet and the pyramids of ancient Peruvian city of Caral and together make energy bond and spiritual net of the world. They say that Rtanj has specific electromagnetic waves which have a geopathological influence on the human organism. They have issued a request to the corresponding Ministry in order to "scrach" the mountain, to open several excavation sites.They expect they'll find structures and subterrainean passages.
One of Multiple lakes around the Rtanj Pyramid

Plants that grow on this pyramidal mountain, nowhere else can’t be found in the world. This energy pyramid in addition of all these properties, also has a property of Orgone generator. Around the Rtanj there are numerous lakes that are inter-related with the underground waters that flows beneath the mountain.
Undergroundwater in fusion with the energies that this pyramidal mountain creates.

Rtanj pyramid is becoming an Orgone energy pyramid.
Rtanj Pyramidal Mountain at sunset

The halo of this sacred mountain is well known phenomenon.  If the sky is cloudy, within about 50 km around the Rtanj pyramid, there aren’t any clouds. And if is the sky is clear above Serbian pyramid, clouds are formed, which corresponds to Wilheim Reich’s Cloud Buster device. In addition to these characteristics, this energy pyramid is diferent from all the world’s pyramids becouse it’s three-sided. Science has known that the energy pyramids are natural amplifiers of energies that receives. Quadrilateral pyramids are transmitters of the energies unlike to a three-sided that recieves divine cosmic energy and discharged in their surroundings. 
Rtanj sa Stare Planine
Rtanj photographed from the Old Mountain

According to the examinations so far, there are great evedences that the human civilization originates from Serbia, our modern European, post flood civilization. The history of people in this region, has it's origins of legacy from Hyperborea.  Names of places, Onomastics and Traditions are closely related to the myths in the folk tradition of Serbs.Pyramid is located 87 km by air distance from the oldest archaeological site of Lepenski Vir, witch dates from Palaeolithic era 9500 BC and earlier.

Recostruction of Lepenski Vir

Burial of deceased
Lepenski Vir Proportions

Lepenski vir
In Lepenski Vir everything was marked in the shape of the triangle, from the burial of the deceased to the house foundation. House floors were made of red limestone, which after baking becomes Magnetic shielded. They had discovered even  mortar.
It seemed they have flown into the sky. Detailed map of constellations, a thousand years before the Sumerians. Also, the first appearance of the Amphibians carved in quartz sandstone was created right here.

Lepenski Vir
Lepenski Vir Amphibians
First Amphibians
Lepenski Vir
Lepenski Vir
Lepenski Vir
Lepenski Vir
World team of archeologists confirmed that the first metal was processed in this area, around 7500 BC, and not in the Middle East as we are teached.
Also, the first animal breeding, farming and agronomy originate from here. The first literacy in the world is also established here and it's known as the Vinca Letter.
Here you can see connection between Serbian cyrilic and Vinca letters

Vinca Figurine
This figurine is same as figurines in Sumeria, but this two cultures had nothing in common. 
The political situation has made history not to access the real, true way than just how to  the world powers appropriate.The best example of it is the Illuminati-Masonic movie "Total Recall", that reveals how the pyramid gives Life Energy to the people and tycoons keep control of their lives anf faith in their hands. This site is dedicated to all spiritual people who want to learn more and discover about the navel of the world, triangular pyramid of Rtanj.